About Gronfa

Gronfa Procestechniek, based in The Netherlands, is active in all industries. Hence, proven technology in one field can be applied to another. Out of standardized components and assemblies, custom-made installations are produced and, when requested, installed throughout Europe. Furthermore, Gronfa offers the possibility to conclude a preventive maintenance contract.

Our company culture is best described as no-nonsense, flexible and hands-on. High quality as well as fast and good customer service is highly regarded by all of our employees. 


Gronfa Procestechniek is dedicated to be a good and reliable partner for our customers. We have a mutual goal: to produce (with) high quality and high efficient process equipment.


Within our line of expertise, Gronfa Procestechniek contributes to an optimized production process that leads to optimized profit. By continuous innovation and product development we contribute our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our customers.