Colloid mill (GC)

To emulsify with the use of high shear forces! 

A colloid mill is also often used for homogenization processes. This wet grinding machine offers a conical grinding set with adjustable gap size based on high shear for a very intensive homogenization. The tasks can essentially be described with…

  • … reduction of the particle size of a suspension of one liquid in another liquid, the creation of a colloid.
  • … the fine division of a suspended solid in a liquid.

The name of the machine is derived from the first task. The products produced in this way are, for example, lubricating grease, mayonnaise and the like. In the second task, solid products are processed which, when the appropriate liquids are added, result in a pasty end product, such as peanut pastes, creams or ointments.

If you’re interested and you would like to test the performance of the machine for yourself, we can offer you a corresponding test machine. Please do not hesitate to contact us.