IBC mixers

The IBC mixer is not only used for storage and transport, but can also be used for all other types of mixing processes in the IBC. This varies from mixing a simple product to making an end product with multiple ingredients.

In terms of mixed technology, however, the IBC is not ideal. An IBC has an unfavorable square shape and has a small bunghole in the middle, which usually does not contribute to optimal mixing in a tank. What is possible and what is not? – consult the Gronfa process technology.

Gronfa has two IBC agitators in its range:

  • Rotomix IBC mixer; a direct drive mixer for low viscosity liquids
  • Rotoklap IBC mixer: a folding agitator with gear motor for medium to high viscosity liquids

In terms of assembly, the IBC mixers are equipped as standard with an IBC crossbeam complete with handles and troughs for the truck buckets.

The IBC mixer is delivered ready to plug in, optionally expanded with a frequency converter, shaft sealing flange or test device.

There are also possibilities to work with an IBC tripod. The mixer is attached to the stand and brought into the IBC by means of a slide and winch (or pneumatic cylinder). Gronfa builds different types of tripods, see further under tripod mixers.