Inline Dispersion Machine (IDM)

The dispersing machine is used in-line in order to produce solutions, suspensions, emulsions or dispersions, whereby combinations of powder/liquid, liquid/liquid and gas/liquid are possible. 

The working of the IDM relies on exploiting the high shearing forces and collision energy that are caused by a powerful rotor/stator combination. Due to the high peripheral velocity of the rotor the liquid achieves a high acceleration and collides with the impact faces of the stationary stator.

The IDM has a compact design and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel 316.

In order to intensify the process, the IDM machine can be executed with 2 mixing chambers (rotor-stator). To increase the throughput, there are various sizes available of rotor/stator combinations as well as drives.

The peripheral velocity of the rotor is about 15 m/s (medium shear) at 50 Hz. With a frequency-controller it can be increased up to 24 m/s (high shear).

The shaft seal can be varied according to the product and process details.

Last but not least has the Gronfa IDM different executions for hygienic and/or Atex applications.